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How do I create a Trigger?

Triggers allow you to send e-mail to your subscribers automatically based on criteria you specify. Some examples of tasks a trigger would be used for are sending an e-mail when someone subscribes to your list or sending an e-mail on their birthday. To create a trigger do the following:

1) Click on "Create/Send"



2) Click on "Triggers"



3) Click "Create Trigger"



4) Enter a Name and Description for the trigger. Set the "Status" drop down to Disabled if you do not want the trigger to begin working immediately.



5) Specify the lists that you would like to send to. You can also omit lists or apply a filter at this point.



6) Select the E-Mail you would like the trigger to send. Enter in the From Name, From Email Address, and the subject. If you have not sent an e-mail using the From Email Address before it will need to be verified. You will receive a verification e-mail at that e-mail address. Just click the link inside of the e-mail to complete the verification process.



7) Now you will need to schedule the time time the message will be sent.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with the scheduling options inside of the trigger.

  • Triggered blasts only go out at the time specified.
  • The trigger will compensate for the correct last day of a month. If you set a trigger to send on the 31st of a month and have it repeat monthly, it will always send on the last day of the month.
  • Be careful when scheduling things for specific dates. If that date is in the past the message will never be sent. As an example if you schedule a message to be sent on someone's birthday and you don't set the trigger to repeat yearly, the message will never be sent because the member's actual birthday is always in the past.

For additional examples see our trigger use cases.

8) Click "Create Trigger"


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