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I've been blacklisted -ISP Listings

What to do if you get blacklisted or want to be whitelisting with a certain ISP.

If you have been blacklisted, the next step is to contact the ISP in question, and request to be removed from their blacklist (delisted). Each ISP has a process for applying, most starting with an online form. Here are links to some of the more popular ISPís whitelisting/delisting applications

Go to webpage below, agree to terms, click accept and fill out form

Include your private IP address in the body of the email.

Contact Adelphia customer service desk at
800-683-1000 or 888-683-1000.

Include your private IP address in the body of the email.

Include your private IP address in the body of the email.

Helpful Link

Go to this webpage, agree to terms, click accept and fill out form


Send us a copy of the bounced email notification to

Please send an email with the complete header to
Allow 12-24 hours, our server engineers will fix the issue once the email is received.

Send email to Excite asking to be removed from email blacklist

A Helpful Website

Go here for messages being blocked or marked as spam

Hotmail is very strict with spam complaints and they DO NOT bounce emails. They only filter to trash or junk mail. If they get only a few they will filter all email from your account. They will also filter if they detect you are sending to many non-existent accounts, since this is a characteristic of spammers.

If you use your own domain name as your FROM EMAIL ADDRESS, you can set up SPF records under your domain that will improve delivery to Hotmail. Hotmail uses senderID to accept mail and require that you set up spf records on the domain you use for your FROM email address. You will need to contact your host and ask them if they publish SPF records and are compatible with Microsoft's Sender ID initiative. Unfortunately, this is the only way to ensure delivery to Hotmail due to Hotmail's policies.

Once you have set up spf records, let Hotmail know by sending them an email at with your domain name in the body. We will then configure your Email System account accordingly.

If you are not sending from your own domain, our only recommendation is that you wait 48 hours or more between sends. Hotmail may remove your account from their filtering if they do not receive complaints within a certain span of time.

Useful articles:

Getting onto whitelist:

Email being blocked:

Get on whitelist

Email being blocked:

Follow instructions for removal.

Include your private IP address in the body of the email.

All blacklisting/IP block issues can be reported to
Additionally, you may want to consider registering for our feedback loop at which exempts registered IP addresses from most spam
controls and allows contact if we see any delivery issues.

Verizon (whitelist application)


Or try (scroll down to "Postmaster") - Commonly used blacklist used by Yahoo

*** If you have received an error message regarding 88.blacklist.zap, they are quick to help with delisting issues-- you should send an email to the email address below and include the IP address:

If you would like some helpful tips on not getting blacklisted again please visit the link below:


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