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Private IPís

What is a Private IP address? An IP address is a unique identifier that routes your emails to the recipients. A Private IP address is your own private unique identifier. These IPís have never been used before, and therefore donít run the risk of being blacklisted by any of the internet service providers. By using a private IP address, Email System users start with a fresh clean slate and are therefore accountable for their own IPís activity.

Where do I find what Private IP address is? You can find your own private IP address by clicking the Account Info tab at the top of the Email System interface.

How does a Private IP address help email deliverability? By offering Private IPís, Email System allows users to start with a fresh clean slate and are therefore accountable for their own IPís activity. This compares with a shared IP environment, in which emails from many different customers come from the same shared IP address. This can cause an issue with being blacklisted. The problem is that one customer may have a complaint with a particular ISP which causes that IP to be blacklisted thus causing all emails to blocked by the ISP.

What do I do if my private IP gets blacklisted? If you have been blacklisted by a particular ISP it is your responsibility to contact that ISP and request to be removed from their blacklist. Below is a link for contact information to the most common ISPís


Can you set me up with a new Private IP if I get blacklisted? We cannot assign you a new private IP address if you get blacklisted. If you are blacklisted / blocked you need to contact the ISP to get unblocked.


Can I whitelist the Private IP address assigned to my account? You can apply to get your IP whitelisted with the various internet service providers, but would need to contact them individually. Each ISP has a process for applying, starting with an online form. Generally, when ISPís review your whitelisted IP application, they require that you have a previous history of sending out email blasts with low complaints. Please be aware that not all ISPs offer a whitelist. Below is a link with info on how to contact the ISP to request whitelisting.


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