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Why do e-mails I send contain gibberish characters?

If your email was created in Word or a similar application here is what you will need to do to fix your email. Find which part of your original message is coming through with the funny characters. Generally it is commas, accents over letters and such. Then you will need to open up a simple text document such as notepad and find Notepads version of this character. You will then need to replace that character in your original message with the corresponding character found in Notepad.

If the character is an accent or something you cannot find a replacement for in Notepad there is a website which will give you the actual html code for that symbol.

For example

would look like this
the í will be replaced by í when the message is sent.

The screenshots below compare what you see in the preview (top) versus what the e-mail recipient will see (bottom.) Different characters may be interpreted differently by different e-mail clients. The bottom screenshot was from Outlook Express 6.


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