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General Use

Articles and walkthroughs on using your service

article How do I put an unsubscribe link on my website?
Unfortunately at this time we do not provide a...

(No rating)  4-9-2008    Views: 30304   
article How do I save an e-mail?
There are several types of e-mails that you may...

(No rating)  4-9-2008    Views: 53965   
article How do I upload images?
Your images can be stored on the Email...

  4-9-2008    Views: 36442   
article How To Create An E-Mail
Creating an e-mail message using our service...

  4-14-2008    Views: 56414   
article How To Send A Test Message

(No rating)  3-29-2013    Views: 27679   
article How To Send An Email

(No rating)  3-29-2013    Views: 33050   
article Uploading your List of Subscribers
File Requirements: The file can be in .txt...

(No rating)  10-12-2007    Views: 36768   
article Why Was My Email Rejected?
There are a number of reasons an e-mail blast...

  11-22-2010    Views: 40902   

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